Bodaq Interior Film Installation

Architectural film is a perfect solution for interior renovation of commercial and residential properties.

Creative Curve Media Group Inc. is now officially recognized as the authorized dealer and distributor of Bodaq Materials in the Maritimes.

Bodaq is a premium product produced by Hyundai that has gained recognition for its versatility and ability to enhance interior design and decoration.

With over 30 years of experience working with print substrates, we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of materials, their applications, and the market, making Bodaq the perfect expansion for our assets and product offerings.

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Air Bleeding Structure

Bodaq is a commercial quality self-adhesive backed vinyl surfacing film. The air-channeled adhesive makes the film easy to install with minimal waste reducing the amount of time necessary for installation.

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Excellent Flexibility

Bodaq interior wrap film can be applied to indoor spaces like ceiling, walls, fire doors, partition doors and moldings and other surfaces whether they are flat or curved – even compound curves.

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Awesome Patterns

Diverse patterns and textures in artful designs make for a beautiful interior space. Bodaq architectural film will exceed your customer’ requirements to decorate interiors according to their specific preference and purpose.

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Eco-Friendly & Certified

Based on strict criteria and tested by numerous international agencies, Bodaq film meets exacting performance and environmental standards, including ASTM E 84 Test, Heavy Metal Test, Antimicrobial Activity Test, and Others.

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Discover the Versatility of BODAQ® Applications

Popular choices in colours, pattern and texture includes natural finishes like wood grains in different shades, stone looks — like realistic-looking marble and slate — as well as many metallic options like brushed silver or bronze. There are also leather or fabric films, great for adding texture to any space.

The choices are endless and limited only by imagination.

From manufacturing to installation BODAQ Interior Films promote a healthy environment and safety, minimizing the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and avoiding other hazardous chemicals.

Recognizing different installation requirements we supply both fire retardant and non-fire retardant interior vinyl films to fulfill orders of any size.

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